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While human skin has a great ability to conform to new shapes, it can become distorted by sudden growth, which causes a break in collagen production. This produces scars that are known as stretch marks. Many factors contribute to stretch marks, such as pregnancy, weight gain and puberty. While stretch marks often begin with a purple or red tone, much like a bruise, they often fade to a color that is lighter than the skin. Fortunately there are treatments available to handle this condition.


Dr. Brenner sitting in a chair


Kevin Brenner, MD, FACS

At this time, the best and most non-invasive treatments for stretch marks are with the use of the Alma Harmony System™ and the Accent™ radiofrequency treatment. While it is generally better to treat stretch marks in their infantile red or purple stages, Harmony and Accent are capable of reducing the appearance of stretch marks that have already settled into their white hue. These treatments serve to produce new collagen beneath the skin, which shrinks and ultimately eliminates stretch marks.

Upon your initial consultation, Dr. Brenner will examine the stretch marks and make a recommendation for the appropriate stretch mark removal procedure. This includes the number of visits involved to reduce or fully eradicate the marks. At the recommendation of Dr. Brenner, we will plan your treatment with the intent to fully eliminate stretch marks, all without the need for a long recovery period or additional ointments or creams.

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