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Tuberous breast deformity, which is also be known as tubular breasts or constricted breasts, is a result of an abnormality or congenital deformity which occurs in women. When a female is going through puberty, it can occasionally happen that the breasts fail to develop normally and fully. The exact cause of this condition is not exactly known. It is thought that only one to five per cent of patients that are seeking breast augmentation have this condition.

Kevin Brenner, MD, FACS

Tuberous breasts are not a condition of simply having small or underdeveloped breasts, it is an actual deformity that occurs during the process of breast bud maturation. This deformity then results in a herniation of the nipple-areola complex due to a fibrous band of breast tissue. The effect this deformity can have on the appearance of the breast varies from individual to individual and can range from mild to severe.

This condition can bring about numerous nagging issues for a woman, a major one being that it can drastically affect the ability of a woman to breastfeed. There are some cases where the breasts and milk glands have not developed enough to even produce milk. Fortunately, there are not any other fertility or pregnancy issues that are affected by this condition.

Some typical characteristics of a tuberous breast deformity include:

  • Enlarged and puffy areola
  • Unusually wide amount of space between the breasts
  • Limited amounts of breast tissue, especially in the lower poles
  • Sagging of the breast (ptosis), in its entirety or a specific portion
  • Breast fold that is higher than normal
  • Narrow breast base

Tuberous Breast Correction

The appearance of tuberous breasts can be addressed with certain cosmetic procedures. There can be a variety of techniques that are used in addressing this issue including: tissue expansion, breast augmentation, breast lifting and breast parenchymal re-shaping.

Dr. Brenner's tuberous breast correction in Beverly Hills can be more complicated than just a regular breast augmentation and it frequently requires a combination of techniques. There are some rare cases where the physician must perform tissue expansion of the breast skin envelope prior to the augmentation.

Treating Tuberous Breasts

Correcting the tuberous breast requires the achievement of a balance between restructuring, reshaping, augmentation, and areolar repositioning. The tuberous breast correction is much more than simple augmentation or breast implantation, hence, it can only be performed by highly skilled, specialized plastic surgeon such as Dr. Kevin Brenner.

Since each case is different, Dr. Brenner will tailor the procedure to address the particular problem that is unique to the individual.

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If you have think you have this condition and are interested in receiving tuberous breast correction in Beverly Hills, you should contact Dr. Brenner’s office for an in-depth, in-person consultation.


Before The Procedure

The procedure for tuberous breast treatment begins with a consultation with an experienced, qualified tuberous breast correction specialist. After taking detailed measurements and health history, Dr. Brenner will experiment with different inserts to understand the desired outcome.

Certain health diagnostics or tests may be needed if necessary prior to the surgery. The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis and may last between two to three hours, depending on the extent of repair and other factors.

Dr. Brenner will also determine if you would need a single surgery or several levels of correction over a period of time.

What The Procedure May Involve

During your tuberous breast correction, releasing the tissue in the lower breast pole helps expand the base of the breast. An inflatable implant or a tissue expander may be used when the constriction is severe. The implant is then inflated on a weekly schedule with saltwater injections that helps stretch the tissue below the breast. The tissue expansion is accompanied by permanent breast augmentation with implants. The type of implant, the location and the size will be determined by the specialist after the initial consultation.

The tuberous breast correction surgery itself may also involve the correction of the nipple’s drooping appearance. Sagging of the breast may also need additional lifting procedures. In a breast lift, Dr. Brenner removes excess tissue and raises the position of the breast and areola. The surrounding skin is tightened to reshape the breast. There are multiple ways of performing the breast lift, which depends on the extent of the sagging. The vertical or lollipop technique is the commonly used procedure and because the incisions are in the shape of a lollipop around the contour of the breast, they are well hidden.


Post tuberous breast treatment, you may be required to spend one night in the hospital for observation. The length of stay in the hospital may differ depending on the complexity of the procedure and other health conditions. Most operations for tuberous breast correction are performed on an outpatient basis. Although you may choose to stay in an aftercare facility, or have the added attention of a private duty nurse, most patients do well at home the first night. Recovery is usually smooth and rapid with the scars of the surgery starting to fading after two to three months. Corrective procedures employing breast lift, without tissue expansion or augmentation themselves are commonly painless and there is no minimal recovery downtime. 

Weekly visits for tissue expansion may rarely be required for some patients. Any mild soreness or pain can be easily managed with a mild painkiller.

Although most patients can go home within a day, they need to avoid strenuous activities including lifting heavy weights and vigorous sports. Normal day-to-day functions and light work can be resumed within a day or two. A surgical bra may be fitted to help in faster recovery. If drain tubes are placed to remove any fluid collection from the surgical site, they will usually be removed within a week or so.

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