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As patients age, a common trouble area is under the upper portion of the arms. This area is particularly susceptible to fat buildup and sagging, giving a wiggly, swollen appearance to the upper arms. Fortunately, patients do not have to live with the effects that age or weight gain can have upon the arms. An arm lift, otherwise known as a brachioplasty, is an effective procedure that is used to bring a youthful contour to the arms where it has been lost.

The target area of a brachioplasty is the underarm between the armpit and the elbow. A brachioplasty removes excess skin and fat, and the remaining skin is then pulled snugly over the arm, restoring a slim, toned look.

Arm lift procedure

At the office of Dr. Brenner in Beverly Hills, your arm lift will take place in a private, comfortable surgical facility to ensure maximum peace of mind.

While an arm lift may be done with sedation and local anesthesia, Dr. Brenner recommends general anesthesia to ensure a pain free experience.

During the procedure, the initial incisions will be placed on the undersides of the arms. Prior to the surgery, you and Dr. Brenner will discuss how much tissue is to be removed, and this will determine the length and position of the incisions.

Once the incisions are made, Dr. Brenner will address the tissues underneath your skin. He will tighten these and secure them in place with sutures. At this point, he may also use liposuction to remove excess fat if necessary. Once this is done, the skin is placed over the new contours of the arm and excess skin is excised. An arm lift generally takes two and a half hours.

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