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Lip Lift

The mouth is an essential part of an attractive appearance. Thin, droopy lips that are turned down at the corners detract from an otherwise beautiful face. There are several factors that can contribute to non-optimum lips, such as genetics and the effects of time.

A lip lift is a cosmetic surgery procedure that is designed to reshape the upper lip to lend a more pleasing shape to the mouth by eliminated upper lip elongation. While a lip lift does not directly give more volume to the lips, it will create a shape that is associated with an attractive mouth. Because of this, a lip lift is a good option for those who already have full lips and just want to improve their shape.

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There are two primary types of lip lifts:

  • A corner lip lift will address the corner of the mouth, otherwise known as the commissure. A corner lip lift will elevate this part of the mouth when it has begun to droop.
  • An upper lip lift serves to raise the vermillion, or upper border, of the upper lip. This is done with an incision directly on the border or right underneath the nose.

Lip Reduction

In some cases, a patient may complain of lips that are too voluminous, giving a swollen appearance in the mouth and interfering with oral function. While this is frequently due to naturally large lips, it also may occur following lip enhancement surgery that was overzealous, creating a bloated, unnatural look.

In a lip reduction, Dr. Brenner will first determine the amount of tissue to be removed. This is done by examining the lips when they are at rest, smiling, open and various other positions. He then thoroughly discusses this with the patient, so that an agreement is reached regarding how much volume will be taken out of the lips.

Lip reduction is generally performed with sedation and local anesthesia. The procedure lasts anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes per lip. An incision is made along the inner lining of the lip, which will hide the resultant scar. Dr. Brenner will then remove a previously agreed upon amount of tissue and apply sutures. Recovery lasts 7 to 10 days, in most cases. In patients who are prone to swelling, the recovery process may be slightly longer. Following the procedure, Dr. Brenner is available for any questions or concerns, and will also make an appointment for a follow-up procedure to remove sutures and check on the healing process. Please call our office today to find out more about lip reduction surgery in our Beverly Hills office.

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