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Natural Looking Nipple Reduction in Beverly Hills

Many patients with macromastia (enlarged breast) come to see Dr. Brenner to have their breast size reduced into their natural-looking form. Dr. Brenner is one of Beverly Hills' top breast and nipple reduction specialists. The breast reduction procedure is quite similar to a breast lift, but involves removal of a large portions of the breast tissue. It can effectively treat most of the medical problems that arise from having large breasts, as well as address cosmetic dissatisfaction. Nipple reduction can be done simultaneously, allowing for a nipple to be the desired size.

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Enlarged Areolas And Nipples

Having performed many breast and nipple reduction surgeries in Beverly Hills, Dr. Brenner has become very efficient with conditions that accompany large breasts. The most common of these conditions is nipple hypertrophy (enlarged nipples). It occurs normally in conjunction with large areolas, but nipple hypertrophy can and does occur by itself. This may sound strange to many people at first, but there is a small group of patients that have perfectly perky breasts that are proportionate to their chest wall, and have nipples that are too long, too large or hang too low.

Many women who suffer from this condition have difficulty wearing form-fitting bras because of the social embarrassment from their visibly large nipples. Another common condition is known as breast ptosis which is a natural consequence of aging. It is when drooping or sagging of the breast occurs, and the nipple-areolar complex can fall below the desired level. The degree of this can vary from mild to severe.

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The Solution

Fortunately, there is a very safe and effective treatment for the conditions mentioned above and that is nipple reduction surgery. It can be performed alone, but is most commonly done in combination with either a breast reduction, breast augmentation, or breast lift. It has a very low rate of complications, and an extremely high rate of patient satisfaction.

Take a minute to go through Dr. Brenner’s before and after photo gallery and see what amazing results he can deliver.

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Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgically reduces the size of overly large breasts, helping minimize the accompanying issues.



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