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Restore Facial Volume with Fat Grafting

Fat loss in the cheeks, around the eyes and through the jaw line can give the face an aged appearance. Fat grafting is a solution to an aged look, eliminating wrinkles and creases to bring back the fullness of your face. It is a technique where excess fat is harvested from an appropriate area of your body, such as the abdomen, thigh or back, purified and then re-injected into the cheeks, jaw line and other areas as needed to create fullness.

This procedure is used to improve wrinkles and sunken areas of the face, while also adding fullness to the cheeks and lips. It may also be used as a technique to augment the buttocks and breast, taking the place of a traditional implants and giving it a more natural look.

Benefits Of A Natural Fat Transfer (Fat Grafting)

In today’s cosmetic world, fat grafting not only addresses one’s facial and body proportions, but can also improve the surrounding tissues. Because stem cells can be found in the grafted fat taken from your body, fat has many attributes besides just being a filler. These stem cells found are an undefined cell that have the potential to develop into many different types of cells in the body, allowing them to serve as as a sort of internal repairing system, thus healing the targeted tissue.

There are three different types of fat grafting techniques that can be used to transfer fat around your body. Each one has its own use and benefits. Knowing what these fat attributes are plays a big roll in the outcome of a natural fat transfer by Dr. Brenner in Beverly Hills.

Types of Fat Grafting

Structural Fat Grafting: This is when large fat particles are taken and used to replace significant loss of volume in areas of the body such as the butt, breast, etc. Irregularities can occur after undergoing a breast or butt augmentation with implants. When the shape of a breast or butt needs optimizing, fat grafting can be used. Using a structural fat graft can help fill in irregularities, giving the breast or butt an optimal natural shape.

Micro Fat Grafting: This is when smaller fat particles are taken and used to correct fine lines on the face. It works similar to a dermal filler in that it corrects wrinkles, creases, etc. Another factor that sets a micro fat grafting apart from other dermal fillers is the length of time that the volume enhancement lasts. Generally, the effects of fat injection can last years and in some cases, the effects last indefinitely.

Nano Stem Serum: This is when a fat serum has been spun down in a centrifuge to a high concentration of stem cells. This serum of stem cells is used to improve the overlying skin’s appearance, texture, and quality. The effect is not immediate, but progressive, occurring over a 6 month period.

Choosing the Right Surgeon for Fat Grafting

The results of a fat grafting procedure can vary widely among individual surgeons. The subtleties of a surgeon’s techniques and skills can affect the outcome of a patient’s procedure. This means when looking to receive this injection technique, you should work with an experienced surgeon. Dr. Brenner, a Beverly Hills facelift surgeon who specializes in fat grafting, has performed this technique a numerous amount of times and has produced high quality results. Take a minute to look at the facelift gallery to see for yourself.

Should I receive fat grafting?

Because Dr. Brenner believes in a very conservative approach to facial plastic surgery, he delivers some of the best facial fat grafting Beverly Hills has to offer. His candidates for fat grafting are those who desire a more permanent correction than what is normally provided from other injections. Patients who wish to avoid a full facelift may be able to achieve satisfactory improvements with fat grafting alone. Younger patients who wish to reduce early signs of aging can find that fat grafting is the perfect solution. It creates a subtle change, making it appropriate for patients with mild to moderate signs of aging. Patients who are also seeking body contouring, scar revision, and rejuvenation of their hands and face are ideal for this procedure.

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Facial Fat Grafting Recovery

Once your procedure is completed, you will require a brief time to recover. Most patients require about one week of rest and reduced activity. Every patient is slightly different, and some may heal more quickly, while others may require a few more days before returning to work. To speed recovery, we advise our patients to avoid aspirin or any other blood-thinning medications or supplements for at least one week prior facial fat grafting.

The area from which the fat was harvested will also be tender in the early stages. There is little discomfort after the procedure, usually easily managed with the application of an ice pack or pain medication for the first few days. Most patients see bruises disappear after ten days, with swelling often lasting slightly longer.

Facial Fat Grafting: Your Questions Answered

If you are considering facial fat grafting, you need to make an informed decision. We have answered some of the most commonly asked questions and are available to meet with you to evaluate your skin quality and work with you one-on-one to plan this natural anti-aging treatment.

Kevin Brenner, MD, FACS

Fat Grafting FAQs

How long will the results of fat grafting last?

Most patients enjoy an enhanced, more youthful look for years after the procedure. As every patient has a unique physiology and a body that responds differently to the new fat cells, the length of time before retreatment is needed will vary person to person. In most cases, the improved look will last for years, with the new fat cells becoming healthy and normal in the new location on the face.

What part of the body will the fat cells be taken from?

Most patients will have fat cells harvested from a body area with an excess of fat, typically buttocks or thighs. The fat is extracted with a specialized liposuction system that limits damage to the cells, so they can be transferred to the face to fill in laugh lines, hollows under the eyes, add volume to cheeks, or enhance another area of the face that has lost volume.

How long will facial fat grafting take to complete?

While the length of the appointment can vary based upon the number of facial areas to be treated, facial fat transfer typically requires only one hour to complete.

What percentage of the transferred fat cells survive?

The percentage of transferred cells that survive can vary person to person, but their survival, in large part, is based upon the delicacy with which the procedure is performed. Dr. Kevin Brenner uses the most advanced medical equipment and technology to achieve a higher rate of survival.

Is facial fat grafting painful?

Most of our patients have some concerns about pain. Thankfully, facial fat grafting is performed with local anesthesia, so the procedure is comfortable to experience. Any pain remaining at the injection site or where the fat was harvested can be managed in the early stages with prescription pain medication, which is not usually needed for more than a few days.

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