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Beyond the OR: Season 3

Episode 9: Beyond the OR

Dr. Brenner With
Athena Brownson

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Without the high-octane grit she cultivated as a professionally sponsored ski jumper starting at age 15, our guest on this  episode of Beyond the O.R. could never have navigated the onslaught of illnesses that laid her low by the time she was  25. Athena Brownson shares with Co-hosts Dr. Kevin Brenner and Elizabeth Morales her journey from hair-raising half  pipes on the slopes to the top of her game as a high-profile Denver-based realtor with Compass. “I always say skiing  was the best business school I ever could have gone to,” say Athena. “Real estate and the competitive nature of it (mirrors) being an athlete and the basic principles of discipline and accountability.” The same can be said of battling back from  the complex web of afflictions – Breast Implant Illness and Lyme Disease among them – that ultimately turned this  dynamic young woman into a powerhouse realtor, protecting her homebuyers’ best interests while ensuring their dream  homes are also healthy homes. Athena shares with us the toxins she watches out for as well as some of the strategies she has deployed in coming back from an array of autoimmune and related symptoms that would have sidelined Athena  entirely were it not for her pro athlete’s determination to seek education and healing. Learn about what it means when  “the body keeps the score” and how the work of advocates like our guest and co-hosts is improving women’s health,  quality of life and environmental wellbeing. 

Follow all things Athena @Instagram or find her at Compass real estate in Denver. 

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