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Looking for more organic breast augmentation? Breast augmentation is the most popular procedure under cosmetic surgery! More and more people prefer the natural fat grafting breast augmentation that uses the individual’s own body fat. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, there was a 72% increase in fat transfer breast augmentation in 2016.

What Is Breast Augmentation With Fat Transfer?

Breast augmentation with fat transfer, or fat grafting breast augmentation, involves harvesting fat from other regions of the body where there is excess of it and transferring it to breasts to enhance the shape. The surgeon removes or harvests the excess fat from other regions, purifies the fat and re-injects it back to breasts to augment them. The procedure not only gives an attractive shape to the breasts by adding volume but gets rid of unwanted fat from other areas! Commonly excess fat in areas such as abdomen or legs are transferred to the breasts correcting the size, shape, and addressing any asymmetry. The procedure offers dual benefit of removal of stubborn fat from other body areas along with breast augmentation.

Fat grafting breast augmentation is a safe alternative to surgery where breast implants are inserted when performed by a skilled and experienced surgeon.

Benefits of Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer:

Breast augmentation with fat transfer is increasingly becoming the most preferred way of correcting the shape and size of breasts because of the following:

  • Since the procedure uses your own body fat there are no “foreign” substances inserted which reduces risk of allergies, rejection or breakdowns.
  • Results are long lasting and natural looking
  • The procedure is minimally invasive which means less downtime and smoother recovery.
  • Dual benefits of breast augmentation and removal of fat from other parts.
  • Useful for both reconstruction of breasts and for cosmetic correction.

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Am I A Candidate For Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation?

Women who have realistic expectations with a requirement for subtle results rather than dramatic ones that implants offer are ideal candidates for fat transfer breast augmentation. Healthy women who have adequate excess fat in other parts of the body that can be harvested are the best candidates. Fat transfer breast augmentation enhances the shape of breasts along with the cleavage, but will not change the position of the breasts. Women with drooping breasts, large asymmetry or sagging skin may need additional surgery to correct the position before undergoing fat transfer breast augmentation.

What Does The Procedure Involve?

The process starts with an initial consultation where the procedure, recovery, and expectations are discussed. The surgeon will also make a detailed assessment of your overall health and order additional diagnostic tests if necessary. Measurements of the breasts are taken to compare before and after results while also discussing the outcomes of the procedure. You will be asked to stop smoking at least two to three weeks prior to the procedure to aid in faster recovery. Breast augmentation using fat transfer with fat transfer involves two steps.

The first step involves low-pressure liposuction where the excess fat from previously identified donor sites is harvested. The donor sites could be hips, love handles or abdomen. Liposuction can be performed using ultrasound or laser which uses heat to break down fat particles. After the fat from the donor site is broken down or harvested using the liposuction methods, it is drawn or sucked out using pressure. The harvested fat is then subjected to washed, purified, and filtered to process and prepare the fat. The second step involves injecting the purified fat into the breasts to give the desired shape and size. The entire procedure may take anywhere between 2 to 3 hours although it may vary depending on various factors, such as the desired volume added, and the number of liposuction harvesting sites.

Results and Recovery

Since there is no major open breast component to the surgery involved, recovery is faster and may take between two to four days. Slight bruising and discomfort may last for two to three days after which the swelling and color change subside. Dressing on the injection site will need to be worn for ten days. The surgeon will prescribe antibiotics to prevent infection to the injection site. The areas where liposuction was carried out will be protected by a compression garment that will need to be worn for a minimum of four weeks.

You will be able to resume normal activities after a day or two although you would have to avoid strenuous heavy exercise for two to three weeks. The results are noticeable immediately although the look will improve over weeks following the procedure as the injected fat becomes integrated with the breast tissue.

The results are long lasting and can be permanent as long as there is no dramatic fluctuation in body weight, pregnancy or breastfeeding.

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