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Dr. Kevin Brenner on Breast Implant Illness

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Another year Dr. Brenner is listed in THR's "Hollywood's Top Doctors"


Dr. Brenner in the Hollywood Reporter's "Hollywood's Top Doctors"


NY Times article seeks Dr. Brenner’s opinion regarding the Ideal Implant

In a recent NY Times article on the Ideal Implant, Dr. Brenner is mentioned as one of the original FDA investigators. The article covers many different aspects of this groundbreaking device, and is worth a read for anyone considering the Ideal Implant.


Celebrity receives a breast reduction surgery by Dr. Brenner

For a teen (even celebrities like Modern Family's Ariel Winter) with excessively large breast tissues, bullying and now cyber bullying is becoming a real problem in our society today.


Dr. Brenner featured in the Los Angeles Business Journal


Dr. Brenner in Allure Magazine


Dr. Brenner featured in The Luxury Spot article on breast implants

As a board-certified and highly experienced plastic surgeon, Dr. Brenner lent his advice to some common questions regarding breast implants. In this way, he routinely helps educate prospective breast implant recipients on everything they need to know to make an informed decision.


Top 5 Reasons I Never Wanted To Have A Tummy Tuck – But, I Am So Glad I Asked These Questions

There are many myths about getting a tummy tuck and many questions both women and men have, but are afraid to ask… or even afraid to even think about!

Should I Have Plastic Surgery?

Aahh, the joys of becoming a new mom! That perfect little baby that you can stare at for hours, the unconditional love, the excitement and oh yes, the body that just doesn’t seem to be what it used to.

Diastasis Recti Exercises: Do's and Don'ts for Your Postpartum Pooch

Eager to get your post-baby body back? Before you do a single crunch, read our guide to safe exercises you can do to help heal diastasis recti.


Diastasis Recti: The Postpartum Body Problem No One Talks About

If your tummy still looks pregnant months after delivery, a postpartum abdominal condition called diastasis recti might be to blame. We've got the facts you need to know about this common post-baby condition.


Diastasis Recti: Will You Need Surgery?

If you're exercising and your postpartum pooch is still not improving, it may be time to consider surgery to heal your diastasis recti. But remember: it's no minor procedure!



Dr. Kevin Brenner on Breast Implant Illness

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Dr. Brenner's 2013 Media Reel

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Dr. Brenner performing Ultherapy on ET: Februrary 2013

Dr. Brenner and Orla perform Ultherapy on a patient.

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Dr. Brenner featured on The Doctors: September 2012

Dr. Brenner appears with his patient Shelby, who underwent rhinoplasty for bullying.

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Dr. Brenner featured on Entertainment Tonight:September 2012

Dr. Brenner discusses the recovery process following facelift surgery.

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Dr. Brenner featured on America Now with Andy Dean: February 2012

OK! Magazine: October 25, 2010

Was Lisa Rinna’s lip reduction just a ploy for attention?


Dr. Brenner Featured on Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers:January 2012

Dr. Brenner discusses the risks of “do it yourself” plastic surgery and non-surgical beautification procedures.

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CNN Issues: February 2011

Dr. Brenner discusses the death of a plastic surgery patient who died after receiving silicone buttock augmentation in a Philadelphia hotel room.

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Extra: July 31, 2010

Dr. Brenner discusses the benefits of using the Keller Funnel to install breast implants.

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Extra: March 2010

Dr. Brenner & aesthetician Kelley West talk with Extra about Purigenex; the newest technology in topical collagen facial masks.

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Vogue Italia: February 2010

Vogue Italia dishes on Hollywood’s latest trend: Botox parties.

Extra: December 2009

Dr. Brenner talks with Extra about the dangers of medical tourism. Dr. Brenner highlights why saving money on surgical procedures abroad may ultimately compromise patient safety. (video unavailable)

The Doctors: November 2009

Dr. Brenner goes in studio with his patient Julie, one of a select group of 500 patients enrolled in the FDA trial for the Ideal Implant. Ideal Implants are designed to look and feel more like silicone implants and are the newest technology in saline breast implants design. Dr. Brenner was one of the select few Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon investigators nationwide.

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Access Hollywood: August 2009

Dr. Brenner discusses how the lot numbers on breast implants can be used in a forensic death investigation (video unavailable)

The Doctors: January 2009, "Total Body Lift"

Dr. Brenner joins Dr. Dennis Hurwitz as he assembles the “Dream Team” of plastic surgeons (including host Dr. Andrew Ordon, Dr. Jay Calvert and Dr. Ritu Chopra) who jointly perform a total body makeover for Amanda after her massive weight loss left her with redundant hanging skin all over her body.


Extra: September 25, 2008

As one of “Extra’s Lifechangers,” Dr. Brenner answers viewer questions about the most popular plastic surgery procedures, rejuvenation of aging hands, lip augmentation and talks one-on-one with his patient following surgery to reconstruct his face after removal of skin cancer.

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Entertainment Tonight: December 2008, "Inside a Mommy Makeover"

ET follows Dr. Brenner as he takes his patient Angela to the operating room for a breast lift, abdominoplasty and liposuction surgery to transform her body.

Tyra: September 9, 2008, "Pay it Forward"

Dr. Brenner discusses the very tough issue of female genital mutilation with America’s Next Top Model, Fatima (video unavailable)

Extra: September 2008, “Choosing a Plastic Surgeon”

Dr. Brenner tells you what you need to know when choosing a surgeon.


Allure Magazine: May 2008, “Outstanding Plastic Surgeons in Los Angeles & The Beaches”

The Daily Buzz: March 2008, “Plastic Surgery Before and After: The Latest Trends in Rhinoplasty, Tummy Tucks, Breast Augmentation and Lunchtime Procedures”

People: “Under The Radar Skin Treatment”

Lab Series Celebrity Day Spa: The 2007 Emmy Awards

Univision: February 2007, "Morning News Show: Skin Tightening Laser"

Entertainment Tonight: January 2007 “Trend Alert, The Non-Surgical Facelift”

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Access Hollywood: January 2007, “Getting Globed from Head to Toe”

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