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Testimonials Written from Patients

Dr. Kevin Brenner is a Fantastic surgeon with an Amazing staff especially Amy. Dr. Brenner’s knowledge, skill set along with his outstanding sense of humor and ability to make me feel comfortable and secure allowed my wife Kara and myself to feel completely at ease during my whole operation and recovery time. He and Amy were constantly in touch with me before, during and after my operations. I would Highly recommend him to everyone. He saved my life.


Wonderful surgeon – Dr. Brenner has helped me breathe again, and I have a nose that looks great. My story – I broke my nose multiple times as a teen and had surgery. Then 20+ years later I felt like I was suffocating and my nose looked deformed with one nostril nearly closed. I didn’t realize that was called a deviated septum. I met different doctors and learned that I needed a revision rhinoplasty. Dr. Brenner and his staff were incredibly helpful and honest. I learned exactly what was involved in the operation, the costs, my insurance contribution and felt comfortable with them. So I did it, I had the operation. I was very fortunate to have had Dr. Brenner as my surgeon because he seems to have a passion for plastic surgery, and also has a wonderful sense of how to make a nose look just right for your face. Best decision I’ve made.


Dr. Brenner’s office and staff were attentive and informative from day 1. He has been very accommodating and you can tell he gives each and every one of his patients his personal attention I am very happy with him fixing my belly post kids since I had a hernia, scar tissue and Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation that was 8cm). I am post surgery 4 weeks no and each day feeling better and better. I would highly recommend Dr. Brenner and his office to anyone. Thank you.


Dr. Brenner made all of my dreams come true. Over 7 years after having children my abdomen and stomach has never been the same. Endless workouts ended in tears and all I wanted was to feel good about myself. Dr. Brenner re-assured me this was the right choice and he would take care of it. His office team, the anesthesiologist, the aftercare was amazing! I would highly suggest calling the office and making an appointment.


What Dr. Brenner did for me was NOTHING LESS than a miracle. I had a small growth on my nostril that I’d let go for 2 years. By the time I got the brains to see a dermatologist, I was diagnosed with basic cell cancer and had to undergo the mohs procedure. To make a long story short, I ended up losing my entire right nostril. I was referred to Dr. Brenner who happened to be in the same building, and he saw me the very next morning. Kevin’s the greatest, friendliest and most reassuring soul I’ve ever met in the medical field. He made me feel safe, secure and made me believe he was going to be able to help me far beyond what I’d ever imagined. That is an understatement. Aftercare was beyond stellar, and soon I’ll be returning for my one year exam. Dr. Brenner is a true genius in his field and more-so, an exemplary human being!


I could not be happier with Dr. Brenner, his surgical team, staff and my results. I had been contemplating surgery for 3.5 years, since my second daughter was born. I had an embilical hernia and diastasis recti, which left my abdomen in the shape of a dome. On my small frame I looked 3 months pregnant. After interviewing several plastic and reconstructive surgeons over the past year, it was not until I met Dr. Kevin Brenner and his staff did I have the confidence to book my surgery. Dr. Brenner’s bed side manner exceeded my expectations. He made me feel comfortable in that he was going to take care of me.b I would recommend anyone needing plastic or reconstructive surgery to meet with Dr. Brenner. He is down to earth, approachable and realistic. His main concern was to ensure my happiness with my results.

Denise Towsley

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