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Beyond the OR: Season 3

Episode 10 Part 1: Beyond the OR

Dr. Brenner With
Mark Owen - Part 1

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Don’t miss a rare behind-the-scenes peek at the high-stakes operation that took out Osama bin Laden when Mark Owen, a bestselling author and highly decorated veteran Navy SEAL, visits Beyond the O.R. with Dr. Kevin Brenner. This action-packed hour – the second of two parts – features a minute-by-minute, eyewitness account of the perilous mission to breach Al Qaeda’s stronghold in Abbottabad, Pakistan, as well as reflections on the sacrifices associated with life in the special forces community. It’s a story that our guest, who uses a pseudonym, details with dramatic results in his gripping account, "Not Easy Day." Mark has also helped recreate the intimate domestic and operational lives of Navy SEAL team members onscreen in "SEAL Team," the hit CBS show he co-executive produces. Dr. B. and his co-host, Elizabeth Morales, get granular with Mark on everything from surviving BUD/S training and Hell Week (wet, sandy, exhausting) to intercepting the band of Somali pirates famously depicted in the Tom Hanks film “Captain Phillips.” You’ll find out why “just another day’s work” in this world of elite combat can mean anything from skydiving to underwater bomb detonation to arctic survival to the deployment of specially trained dolphins. In addition to his creative projects, our guest has dedicated himself to supporting fellow veterans in transition through organizations such as Special Operations Care Fund and Valor for Life. “You don’t join the SEALS to be kinda No. 1,” says Mark, who served 14 years. “You join to see if you can be the best. I had to see if I could do it.” Having been honored with 30 medals – including a Silver Star, Purple Heart, Bronze Star and Navy Presidential Unit Citation – he was clearly up to the challenge.

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