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Breast Reduction Beverly Hills

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As part of the recovery process from your breast reduction in Los Angeles, Dr. Brenner will apply skin tapes as well as a padded surgical bra in order to provide gentle compression and support during the initial healing phase. Drainage tubes may be placed in at the time of surgery in order to facilitate the removal of excess fluid. Additionally, Dr. Brenner will prescribe oral pain medication to provide patients with the utmost comfort and pain free recovery experience.

During the first several weeks of recovery from your breast reduction surgery in Los Angeles, breasts may be extra sensitive and tender, as well as bruised. While this will abate after several weeks, it is wise to avoid activities that involve excessive motion until the healing process is well underway.

Not only is Dr. Brenner a highly competent surgeon during the procedure, he is also a caring physician who looks after his patients after their breast enhancement or reduction surgery. During the weeks and months that follow your surgery, he and his office staff will do anything they can to ensure your total comfort. It all goes toward delivering the best breast reduction Beverly Hills & Los Angeles have to offer.


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