Understanding Rhinoplasty

In Los Angeles, Nasal surgery (rhinoplasty) can be very complex. Although most people’s understanding of rhinoplasty is as a cosmetic procedure, there is much more to it. Some of the most common reasons that people have a nose job for cosmetic purposes include:

1) A bridge that is too wide

2) A nose that is generally out of proportion to the face

3) Nostril flaring

4) A large bump across the bridge

Nasal bump on profile

Nasal bump on profile













5) A tip that is too wide, too bulbous or indistinct

Wide nasal tip

Wide nasal tip












In addition to cosmetic reasons, there are many common airway problems that can cause nasal airway obstruction and  that must be considered at the time of cosmetic rhinoplasty. These include:

1) Deviated septum

2) Enlarged turbinates (turbinate hypertrophy)

3) Internal airway collapse (Internal valve collapse)

4) External airway collapse (External valve collapse)

5) Nasal septal perforation.

6) Correction of nasal fractures

nasal fracture

nasal fracture












Having a rhinoplasty result that looks great is fantastic. However, it is imperative that any issues relating to nasal airway obstruction be addressed at the time of your rhinoplasty. I commonly see patients for revision rhinoplasty procedures, many of whom present to me primarily with complaints relating to their airway. When performing secondary procedures on these patients (many of whom require grafting with rib cartilage), my primary focus (aside from making there nose look great) is often on correcting these various issues that impair nasal breathing.


*photos on this post are of actual patients of Dr. Brenner.

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