Tummy Tuck & Umbilical Hernia Repair: Watch the video

Kevin Brenner Tummy TuckAs part of Dr. Brenner’s new patient education instructional video series, you may now watch the Standard Tummy Tuck with Umbilical Hernia Repair video on this site. The video has also been featured on Dr. Brenner’s page on Surgery Theater. This video is an excellent way to help patients understand the surgical process as it occurs in the operating room. Voice over narration by Dr. Kevin Brenner details the intricate and important steps in this great operation.

Choices in Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck):

Abdominoplasty  is an operation that needs to be tailored to each individual. A Standard Abdominoplasty is just that; standard. The incision in a standard abdominoplasty usually extends from one ASIS (anterior-superior iliac spine) to another. Further the umbilicus is relocated, the entire abdominal wall musculature is tighetened (diastasis rectus repair) and the redundant portions of the anterior abdominal skin are removed. There are also mini-tummy tucks (shorter incision), extended tummy tucks (for massive weight loss patients), and Endoscopic-assisted Modified Mini-Tummy Tucks. Watch each video to determine which operation is right for your needs.

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