Hyperbaric Oxygen and Plastic Surgery Results: Is there a link?

Hyperbaric Oxygen and Plastic Surgery Results Hyperbaric Oxygen, more commonly known as HBO, is an auxillary treatment that exposes patients to extraordinarily high levels of oxygen gas. Basically, patients are placed into a specialized tank and allowed to breathe 100% oxygen for about one to two hours. Because the tank is closed and pressurized up […]

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Capsular Contracture Repair with Alloderm: New Evidence

Capsular Contracture Repair with Alloderm: New Evidence Capsular contracture historically has been a very difficult problem for plastic surgeons to treat and manage both for cosmetic and reconstructive patients. Lately, there has been a resurgence in popularity of implant-based breast reconstruction as well as breast augmentation. With these procedures, there is a distinct, inherent risk […]

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Breast Surgery Recovery: 7 Things to Remember after Breast Augmentation

Recovering from breast surgery sounds complicated to many patients, but it is actually very straightforward.  So here are seven things to remember while your body is healing after breast augmentation, breast lift (mastopexy), breast reduction or breast reconstruction surgery, during your breast surgery recovery:   1) Wearing Bras After Breast Surgery: At the conclusion of […]

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Breast Reduction, Obesity & Massive Weight Loss

Frequently, breast enlargement (macromastia) and morbid obesity are related entities, occurring simultaneously in some patients. There certainly are many patients who only have enlarged breasts without also being obese. In fact, in 2009 over 78,000 breast reduction procedures were performed in the United States. The reasons to consider breast reduction include: 1) back pain 2) […]

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One Stage Breast Lift & Implant used in Los Angeles Mommy Makeover

When evaluating patients for a Mommy Makeover (or for post-bariatric body contouring surgery), I spend a great deal of time planning the correct and most effective breast operation.  The correct operation is directly related to the extent of the breast deformity or abnormality that exists prior to surgery. This can include breast augmentation with implants,  […]

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Have you considered switching to silicone breast implants?

If you have previously undergone breast augmentation with saline breast implants, and are considering changing to silicone implants, this may be your best opportunity. Mentor corporation (the manufacturer of Mentor Memory Gel Breast Implants) has launched their “Feel The Difference” campaign to help promote the comfort, natural feel and safety of silicone gel breast implants. […]

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