Hyperbaric Oxygen and Plastic Surgery Results: Is there a link?

Hyperbaric Oxygen and Plastic Surgery Results Hyperbaric Oxygen, more commonly known as HBO, is an auxillary treatment that exposes patients to extraordinarily high levels of oxygen gas. Basically, patients are placed into a specialized tank and allowed to breathe 100% oxygen for about one to two hours. Because the tank is closed and pressurized up […]

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Dr. Brenner featured Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon in The Aesthetic Guide

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Dr. Kevin Brenner was recently featured in the The Aesthetic Guide magazine. The medical editor of the magazine explored Dr. Brenner’s evolution from a medical student to a private practice plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills. Dr. Brenner was also an invited lecturer at this summer’s Aesthetic show in Las Vegas. He […]

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Rhinoplasty Recovery: Will Steroids Reduce my Swelling?

Rhinoplasty Recovery: How do you decrease swelling during your rhinoplasty recovery? When I complete a rhinoplasty on one of my patients, their nose unquestionably looks fantastic on the operating room table. After I close the small incisions, I then place Doyle splints inside the nostrils, and then surgical tapes and a Aquaplast splint on the […]

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Capsular Contracture Repair with Alloderm: New Evidence

Capsular Contracture Repair with Alloderm: New Evidence Capsular contracture historically has been a very difficult problem for plastic surgeons to treat and manage both for cosmetic and reconstructive patients. Lately, there has been a resurgence in popularity of implant-based breast reconstruction as well as breast augmentation. With these procedures, there is a distinct, inherent risk […]

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Nasal Turbinates: how they cause obstructed breathing.

Nasal Turbinates can impair your breathing When patients notice difficulty breathing through their nose, there may be any one of a number of problems occurring. This may include: 1) Nasal allergies 2) Deviated Septum 3) Collapse from previous surgery or trauma (internal valve collapse) 4) Nasal Turbinate Enlargement Nasal allergies are most commonly treated with […]

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