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What is Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that enlarges the breast volume by placing an implant underneath the breast tissue. It is commonly performed as an individual procedure, but it can also be done with other body-contouring procedures, such as part of a Mommy Makeover. Dr. Brenner tailors the procedure to meet each patient’s individual needs and provides some of the best results after breast augmentation surgery.

Why choose Dr. Brenner for your Breast Augmentation in Beverly Hills, CA?

Each breast implant surgery is different. During your visit to his office in Beverly Hills, Dr. Brenner will customize the exact points of the operation to your unique needs, with particular attention to final location of the implant; location and placement of the planned incision; size, type, and shape of the implant; breast tissue characteristics; and address any other expectations of the patient. Each patient’s needs are different, just as each breast augmentation surgery is unique to itself.

Breast Augmentation Beverly Hills

Dr. Kevin Brenner - Breast Augmentation Procedure

Breast implant types

Dr. Brenner is now scheduling private consultations for a breakthrough procedure, in which he helped pioneer, known as the IDEAL IMPLANT®. In the cosmetic world there are now three types of breast implant options that can be used when pursuing breast augmentation: saline, silicone, and a hybrid known as the IDEAL IMPLANT®. During your Beverly Hills breast implants consultation with us, you will be able to see, analyze and compare all three types of implants. Dr. Brenner will help guide you to which implant will best suit you to get the results you want.

  • A saline breast implant is a silicone shell that is filled with a saline solution (sterile saltwater). Many women prefer saline implants because there are minimal risks if a rupture occurs.
  • A silicone implant is made out of a silicone polymer shell with a cohesive silicone gel inside. Silicone gel implants give a certain appeal to women because they can produce a perfect beautiful aesthetic when it comes to breast augmentation. Concurrently, many women are not at ease with the fact that a slight rupture could remain undetected without an MRI scan, which could lead to an entity known as ‘silent rupture.’.
  • The IDEAL IMPLANT® was created and designed to look and feel like a silicone implant without any of the risks. It is a new hybrid saline implant that Dr. Kevin Brenner investigated and used during the original FDA trial. Researching and using this new break through implant, which is now FDA approved, he can create some of the most aesthetic natural looking breast with his augmentations with the safety of a saline implant.

Breast Augmentation FAQ's

Will breast augmentation increase my risk of breast cancer?

No. According to research completed by the Susan G. Komen Foundation, neither silicone nor saline implants increase your risk for developing breast cancer. There has been an indication, however, that women with breast implants have a slightly increased risk of developing anaplastic large-cell lymphoma (ALCL), a type of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, which is not a type of breast cancer. The increased risk affects women who have textured implants. This risk is small, and ALCL is very treatable when caught in the early stages.

Should I wait until I’m done having children?

Just as the decision to seek breast augmentation is deeply personal, this is a decision which only you can make. If you are planning to become pregnant within the next twelve months, you should wait until after you have recovered from pregnancy and breastfeeding to give your breasts the time they need to recover from the physical changes before you elect to undergo surgery.

Can I still breastfeed after breast augmentation?

In most cases, yes. Your ability to breastfeed after undergoing breast augmentation is determined by several factors, including the placement of the implant and the location of incisions. When implants are placed under the pectoral muscles, the breast tissue and underlying structure that permits women to breastfeed are left intact and should not affect your ability to breastfeed your child after augmentation.

Will there be any pain?

During your breast augmentation procedure, you will not experience any pain as the procedure is performed under general anesthesia or intravenous sedation. During recovery, after the anesthesia has worn off, you will be sensitive beneath your arms and in the chest area. This discomfort can be easily managed with pain medication provided by Dr. Brenner for the early stages of healing after your breast augmentation surgery. Once your breasts have healed, you should not experience any pain or discomfort related to your breast implants.

Will I need to replace my implants in the future?

While your breast implants don’t come with an expiration date, they aren’t intended to last forever. Most implants will have a lifetime between ten and twenty years. When choosing the size of your implants, you should select a size that you believe will make you happy for years into the future. The best way to ensure that your implants will last as long as possible is to choose a board-certified plastic surgeon who is experienced in successful breast augmentation procedures, and have your implants examined annually.

What are the chances breast implant rupture, and is it an emergency?

With silicone implants, many cases of rupture are referred to as a “silent rupture,” meaning the silicone stays within the implant and can only be detected with an MRI. In cases of saline implant rupture, there will be a noticeable deflation in the breast. The longer you have your breast implants, the greater the chance that one may rupture. This rupture, however, is generally not considered to be emergency, and Dr. Brenner can perform a revision surgery to restore your breasts.

The arrival of the IDEAL IMPLANT®

After years of research and testing, as well as consulting many women and plastic surgeons, we have accomplished a design of a saline-filled breast implant, now known as the IDEAL IMPLANT®.

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  • Recently approved by the FDA
  • Lowered edges, allowing it to contour better to the chest wall
  • Designed to combine the best of both saline and silicone implants
  • The natural result of silicone with the safety of saline
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Breast Augmentation Beverly Hills
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Dr. Brenner Breast Augmentation (short version) from Surgery Theater

Breast augmentation surgery options

The breast augmentation surgery itself presents Dr. Brenner with several options, each of these will be discussed and examined with the patient beforehand. Factors such as breast implant size and patient anatomy definitely play a key role, and Dr. Brenner will ensure all options are weighed before the ideal decision is reached.

Aesthetic options: implant profile

Each of these techniques is very distinct. In your consultation with Beverly Hills Breast Augmentation Surgeon, Dr. Kevin Brenner, feel free to ask any questions you feel are necessary to gain a full understanding so the ideal conclusion is reached. Dr. Brenner will always spend the necessary time with each patient to get everything perfect.

Beyond these options are the aesthetic preferences of the patient, including volume, diameter and profile of the breast implant. The profile of the breast implant measures its projection outward, and will depend upon the patient’s body type as well as personal preference. The four categories of implant profile are:

  • Moderate profile
  • Moderate plus profile
  • High profile
  • Ultra-high profile
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How is breast augmentation surgery performed

During his breast augmentation surgery in Los Angeles, following his initial incision, Dr. Brenner carefully creates a pocket for the breast implant device. This is commonly located behind the underlying chest wall muscle. With some implants, Dr. Brenner uses a special funnel to place the implant into the created pocket. This funnel helps diminish friction on the implant shell, and therefore helps lower chances of the implant touching the surrounding skin. Once the breast implant is placed, Dr. Brenner stitches up the incision and closes the breast tissue. The whole breast augmentation procedure lasts about an hour. After the procedure is completed, you will have a soft padded chest wrap applied to your torso. This is to be worn overnight and replaced with a surgical bra the next day at the first follow up office visit.

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Breast enhancement recovery

Following breast enhancement surgery, the recovery process will vary depending upon the exact surgery received. Dr. Brenner makes himself fully available to patients following the operation, ensuring they have everything needed during the weeks following their breast augmentation. He and his staff will take all steps necessary to provide patients with the utmost comfort. Components of the recovery process include:

  • Oral pain medication - this will help reduce any discomfort you may experience. Any discomfort should subside within a day or two.
  • Marcaine - A local pain medication that Dr. Brenner routinely places during the breast augmentation procedure. It typically provides about 9-12 hours of numbness at the surgical site, allowing patients time to get home, get comfortable, and start the oral pain meds. A long acting version of Marcaine, called Exparel, is also now offered as an option. This is a slow-release medication, that provides that same degree of local pain relief for about 3 days (72 hours). Patients who opt for this medication commonly require substantially less narcotic pain medications after surgery.
  • Valium - will be used in the case of a submuscular breast implant to help relieve any muscle spasm that can commonly occur.
  • Antibiotics - should be taken orally for the initial 5-7 days following surgery.
  • Some swelling and bruising is expected and should resolve within a week. Arnica Montana and Bromelain can help speed up the healing process.
  • You should be up and moving within an hour after your operation. You should minimize heavy lifting and upper body activity (Only lift objects that are lighter than a gallon of milk). Exercise is not recommended for 4 to 6 weeks to allow the implant pocket to heal properly.
  • A chest wrap will be applied to hold the results in place. As described above, this wrap will be removed the day after surgery. Dr. Brenner will then fit you into a snug-fitting surgical or sports bra. He does recommend that you purchase several sizes of sports bra prior to surgery so you will have a comfortable selection while recovering.
  • The sutures will be removed within one week of surgery.
  • Scars are an inevitable aspect of any surgery, but they will be small and inconspicuous, and they will gradually fade to become barely noticeable. Dr. Brenner will either recommend a topical scar gel or silicone gel strips to be placed on the incisions once they are fairly healed.

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