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In 2006, a project was started to develop an ideal implant that would combine the natural result of a silicone gel implant and the safety of saline. That project is now fully realized, with the release and availability of the IDEAL IMPLANT®.

Recent News:

In a recent NY Times article on the Ideal Implant, Dr. Brenner is mentioned as one of the original FDA investigators. The article covers many different aspects of this groundbreaking device, and is worth a read for anyone considering the Ideal Implant.

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The Ideal Implant

Some background:

Silicone gel implants do have a certain appeal to most women because they can produce a perfect aesthetic when it comes to breast augmentation. At the same time, many women are not at ease with the fact that a slight rupture could remain undetected without an MRI scan. Because of this, many women prefer saline implants as the safest method. In fact, many women have been holding off on their procedures, waiting for the cosmetic industry to develop new saline-filled breast implants: ones that would give a natural appearance and tissue-like feel of the silicone gel implant without the wrinkling, bouncing and globular look of a saline implant.

The Ideal Implant

What makes The Ideal Implant so special?

There are always concerns with silicone and saline implants. The Ideal Implant removes these concerns with the latest technology that is FDA approved.

The extra layers of shell added around the saline filler add to the natural look and feel of breast tissue that cannot be achieved by either saline or silicone alone.

The Ideal Implant featuring patented technology incorporates a series of implant shells that are nested together and two chambers to hold the inner saline filler.

Ideal Implant

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The Ideal Implant
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