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Womens Health Beverly Hills: ROX Women’s Health Center

rox-womens-health-centerROX Center is excited to bring you womens health Beverly Hills. We are proud to announce that ROX Women’s Health Center is now live! The surgeons of ROX Center have developed ROX Women’s Health Center in an effort to expand our committment to surgical excellence to all arenas of a woman’s health. Of course our practice has always brought to you, our patients, excellence in plastic and reconstructive surgical services. With the development of ROX Women’s Health Center, we have expanded our footprint into comprehensive breast care, breast cancer care, and gynecology care.

ROX Women's Health Center Womens Health Beverly Hills


Additional services provided at ROX Women’s Health Center include: breast reconstruction, Mommy Makeover, tummy tuck, breast augmentation and revision breast surgery.



*photos on this blog post are not actual patients.

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