What is SERI Surgical Scaffold? A New Trend in Breast Revision Surgery

SERI surgical scaffold is a new surgical scaffold, and the first and only surgical scaffold that is derived from silk and used in revision breast surgery. Functioning in a similar way as Alloderm, FLEX HD, Belladerm and Strattice, SERI helps to promote new blood vessel ingrowth as early as two days after it is implanted in the breast. This allows the body to generate new tissue that is stronger and more organized than standard scar tissue.

When would SERI be indicated for use? For patients that require revision of their breast implants for any of the following reasons, SERI may be useful:

  1. Inferior Malposition (breast implant descends too low toward the abdomen)
  2. Medial Malposition (breast implant moves too far toward the midline cleavage)
  3. Lateral Malposition (breast implant sits too far toward the armpit)
  4. Breast fold reinforcement
  5. Excessive rippling of breast implants that is palpable and/or visible.

While this is a new and exciting innovation in breast revision surgery, SERI is not for everyone. Obviously, patients with silk allergies cannot have SERI implanted. Also, for patients with recurrent capsular contracture, biologic products such as Alloderm and Belladerm are more advantageous.

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