The New Age of Surgical Education: Surgery Theater’s Masters Techniques Series

Beverly Hills Surgical Education

The New Age of Surgical Education

Watch Dr. Brenner perform dual plane breast augmentation with silicone gel breast implants on a patient with a mild tuberous breast deformity from start to finish.

Dr. Brenner has joined Surgery Theater as a breast surgery expert, and has performed multiple breast operations as a part of The Masters Series. Surgery Theater was created by Dr. Brenner’s partner, oculoplastic surgeon Dr. Kami Parsa, with the specific goal of creating educational surgical media that can be shared with patients, physicians and medical students worldwide. Surgery Theater is revolutionizing the way in which we teach our patients, surgical colleagues and future physicians. Visit the Surgery Theater website to watch Dr. Brenner’s videos.

*photos on this post are not actual patients of Dr. Brenner.

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