Revision Breast Surgery: Correction of Breast Implant Malposition with COOK Biodesign Graft

Breast revision surgery before and after photos

Pre-operative photo demonstrates severe inferior breast implant malposition.

Revision breast surgery before and after photos in Beverly Hills

Post-operative view after breast implant revision shows improved implant position







This lovely patient presented to me for revision breast surgery with the complaint that her breast implants were “bottoming out.”  The patient was particularly distressed with this result (breast implant malposition)  since she had already undergone two previous breast operations with another surgeon.

Her previous operative sequence was the following:

1) Bilateral mastopexy 7 years prior to this presentation.

2) Breast augmentation with 475 cc Moderate Plus style saline implants, filled to 550 cc, two years prior.

The patient’s desires in this breast revision surgery were twofold:

1) To make her breasts look ‘perky’ again.

2) To downsize her implants slightly.

The patient underwent the following operation during her revision breast surgery:

1) Revision mastopexy

2) Removal & Replacement of Moderate Plus saline implants, with reduction of 50 cc volume from each side.

3) Inframammary fold creation with COOK Biodesign sling for implant support.

4) Reinforcement with a caudally-based autologous breast flap.


*photos on breast revision surgery post are of an actual patient of Dr. Brenner.

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