Interesting case: Advanced melanoma of the breast

Right Breast Melanoma

Right Breast Melanoma

Melanoma of breast skin accounts for <5% of all malignant melanomas, and large series of primary breast skin melanoma are particularly rare . The surgical treatment of primary cutaneous malignant melanoma of the breast is challenging, but actually there is no significant difference between melanoma of breast skin and melanoma of other skin parts .  Wide local excision of the primary site and sentinel lymph node biopsy are frequently sufficient as surgical treatments. If lymph node involvement in the armpit is detected, clinically (on physical examination) or pathologically(on biopsy of tissues), lymph node dissection should also be performed. The photo shown above was a very unusual, very advanced tumor. Treatment in this case was palliative  and required mastectomy and chest wall reconstruction.

Tumors metastatic to the breast are quite unusual, but malignant melanoma is an exception.

In any cutaneous melanoma case with a palpable breast mass, mammography and/or ultrasonography should be obtained to reveal the number of metastatic lesions. Following confirmation of histological diagnosis by fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC), WLE or quadrantectomy is sufficient for surgical treatment in cases with no evidence of multiple metastatic lesions.

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