Have you considered switching to silicone breast implants?

Los Angeles Breast Augmentation Mentor Silicone Implants

Have you considered switching to Mentor Silicone Implants?

If you have previously undergone breast augmentation with saline breast implants, and are considering changing to silicone implants, this may be your best opportunity. Mentor corporation (the manufacturer of Mentor Memory Gel Breast Implants) has launched their “Feel The Difference” campaign to help promote the comfort, natural feel and safety of silicone gel breast implants. While in effect (through August 31, 2011), any patient who chooses to switch her saline implants out for silicone gel implants will receive a $250.00 American Express Gift Card. Call Dr. Brenner’s office now to learn more.



*photos on this post are not actual patients of Dr. Brenner.

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