Facelift Recovery: Five things to expect.

Facelift Recovery Dr. Kevin Brenner

Facelift Recovery: 5 things to Expect.

After a facelift, recovery is very straightforward. Here are five things you need to know during your facelift recovery:

1) Where do I recover after my facelift?

Since a facelift is a fairly involved procedure, all of Dr. Brenner’s patients spend the first night after surgery in a nurse-supervised surgical recovery facility. Our patients find this to be very comforting, as they are being looked after very closely.

2) What medications will I need during my facelift recovery?

Patients note that facelift surgery results in quite minimal discomfort. However, patients will be supplied with a narcotic pain reliever (i.e Percocet, or Vicodan) as well as a sleep aid medication (i.e. Ambien or Valium)>

3) When will my sutures be removed after my facelift?

Suture Removal Tray Facelift Recovery

Suture Removal Tray

The types of sutures that will be placed during surgery will ultimately depend on the type of facelift or necklift that you may have. Most patients will have small sutures placed around the edges of the ear, and/or underneath the chin. These sutures are usually removed between four and seven days after surgery. For patients that undergo a browlift procedure, they may have staples in the hair-bearing scalp that will be removed about seven to ten days following surgery. For patients who wear make-up, they may resume using it once all sutures have been removed and the incisions are healing normally.

4) Will I have drains after surgery?

It is standard to have two small drains placed following a lower face and necklift. These are invariably removed in the office on the day after your procedure.

Surgical Drain durgin facelift recovery

Small Surgical Drain

5) Will I need to wear a face compression garment after my facelift?

In general, most facelift patients will be placed into a headwrap for the first night after surgery. This is removed in the office on the first day after surgery. For patients that undergo extensive liposuction of the area under the chin or along the jawline, they will be placed into a compression garment for several weeks after surgery.

6) Will I have bruising or swelling after my facelift?

A little bruising and swelling is normal following a facelift procedure. The bulk of the swelling usually subsides between one to two weeks following the procedure. However, patients may have a small amount of swelling that persists beyond that.

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