Facelift Recovery Discussed on ET

facelift recovery

Facelift Recovery

What should you expect during your facelift recovery period? Dr. Kevin Brenner discusses this important topic on tonight’s episode of Entertainment Tonight.

Q 1) What type of head dressing can I expect after undergoing a facelift, necklift, or browlift?

A 1) Head dressings are typically placed on patients in the operating room immediately following a facelift or necklift. The purpose of these dressings are to help to minimize swelling in the soft tissues.

Q 2) For how long will I need to wear a bandage dressing on my hair after a facelift?

A 2)In my practice, patients will wear dressings on their face for the first night following a facial rejuvenation procedure.

Q 3) Will I require drains during my facelift plastic surgery recovery?

A 3) Yes. Small drains are typically placed following a full face and neck lift. The purpose of these drains is to help evacuate any inflammatory fluid so that it does not accumulate under the skin.

Q 4) Are bruising and swelling typical during recovery from a facial rejuvenation procedure? If so, for how long?

A 4) A little bit of bruising and swelling is not uncommon following a large facial rejuvenation procedure. This typically lasts for about one to two weeks.

Q 5) When will my sutures be removed after my facelift?

A 5) Fine sutures are placed on the facial skin in and around the ear and hairline during a facelift. These will typically be removed one week following your procedure.

Dr. Brenner discusses these questions and more, with specific guidelines for how celebrity patients are cared for during their facelift recovery period. Don’t miss this great segment.

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