Dr. Brenner’s Belly Button: Why your tummy tuck will look more natural…

Dr. Brenner's Belly Button Inset

Dr. Brenner's Belly Button Inset

The single most noticeable feature of an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) is the belly button inset (umbilicoplasty). As a Los Angeles plastic surgeon expert on the Mommy Makeover, I go to great lengths to create a natural looking “neo-belly button” for my patients.

Attention to the inset of a belly button is important whether as part of an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), lower body lift, or umbilical hernia repair.

The technique that I use when insetting the belly button during a cosmetic abdominoplasty is based in my reconstructive surgery training. The goal of my technique is to hide, or camouflage, a large portion of the scar. By using a patient’s own tissues to create a skin flap, the upper half of the umbilical inset scar becomes undetectable once healed (see photo above).

Advantages of Dr. Brenner’s belly button inset:

1) Minimized visible scarring

2) No suture marks (“track marks”)

3) Overall natural appearance.

By contrast, the traditional belly button inset (below) is susceptible to a number of potential problems:

1) Visible scarring.

2) Concentric stenosis (narrowing of the belly button hole)

3) Suture marks

4) Size disproportion

Below is an example of a patient that presented to me following an abdominoplasty done in another country. Important to note is the elongated, narrow and unnatural appearance of this poorly executed umbilical inset.

Poorly executed umbilical inset

Poorly executed umbilical inset

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