How many different types of Basal Cell Carcinoma do you know?

There are many types of Basal Cell Carcinoma

There are many types of Basal Cell Carcinoma

Basal cell carcinoma (BCC) can occur in several shapes and sizes. Test your knowledge:

1) Nodular BCC: These tumors present as a nodule on the skin and appear translucent or pearly in color.

2)Ulcerating (Infiltrating) BCC: These tumors present as an erosion or ulcer, commonly with overlying crusting and a rolled border. These are commonly translucent, pearly, smooth and firm with small blood vessels (i.e. telangiectasias)

3) Sclerosing (Morpheaform) BCC: These tumors appear as a small patch or a superficial scar. They are commonly ill-defined, skin-colored and whitish. On a microscopic level, these tumors tend to grow with finger-like strands of tumor that extend far into the surrounding tissue. Excision usually requires a wider margin.

4) Superficial Spreading (or multi-centric): These tumors appear as thin plaques and are commonly pink or red in color, and have a fine threadlike border. This sub-type can exhibit scaling.

5) Pigmented BCC: Some experts consider this type as a subtype of one of the 4 main BCC types. These lesions may be brown, blue or black in color. They are commonly confused with melanoma and pre-melanoma tumors which are commonly pigmented, but pigmented BCC are usually harder in texture.

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