Angiolipoma of the breast

Angiolipoma of the breast

Angiolipoma of the breast

Lipomas are the most common benign tumors. The can be found in any site where fat is normally present. An unusual variant is lipoma with a hemangiomatous component. Angiolipoma was established as a pathological entity in 1960.  In 1974, pathologists established three microscopic characteristics for these type of tumors:

1) There must be gross evidence of tumor formation.

2) Mature lipoma cells must comprise at least 50% of the tumor.

3)  There must be microscopically visible small blood vessel formation (i.e. angiomatous proliferation)

Angiolipomas are benign tumors that may come in one of two types: non-infiltrating & infiltrating.

Angiolipomas occur in 17% of all lipomas. Unlike regular lipomas, angiolipomas commonly cause pain and tenderness. They are usually located just below the skin; most commonly on the trunk and extremities. Angiolipoma of the breast is very rare and can masquerade as a lesion that is suspicious for carcinoma on a mammogram. Treatment for angiolipomas is simply excision.

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