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One of the biggest concerns that patients coming to Dr. Brenner want help with is tummy scars and stretch marks. The majority of patients pursuing tummy tucks are under the assumption that it is only used to eliminate excess fat above and below the belly button. Not many people know that it can be used to get rid of stretch marks and turn visible C-section scars into a tiny bikini lines that are easily hidden.

About stretch marks

Some basic facts about stretch marks include:

  • Stretch marks are an actual disruption of the dermis layer of the skin. They form when skin expands significantly (i.e. with weight gain or pregnancy) and the dermis is stretched.
  • The dermal collagen fibers become disrupted and are visible through the intact epidermis (i.e. outer layer of skin).
  • Stretch marks can form anywhere on the body, but are most often seen on the abdomen, breasts and arms.
  • Stretch marks can only be removed if the skin containing them is excised. This could be procedures like abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) or mastopexy (breast lift).
  • Stretch marks can be improved with a combination of laser skin treatments.
  • Stretch marks are best prevented by keeping your skin well moisturized during the length of your pregnancy.
Stretch Marks & Scar Revision

While performing tummy tuck surgery, Dr. Brenner is able to surgically remove unwanted stretch marks and scars while performing the procedure. It is dependent on where the stretch marks have formed or where a previous scar was healed, but the majority of the time he can successfully remove them with a tummy tuck.

During your consultation, Dr. Brenner will work with you and examine the factors of your specific situation. He then will help create a custom treatment plan specifically tailored to you and your needs in order to provide you with top results in stretch mark reduction in Beverly Hills.

Scarring after the tummy tuck?

Scar management is an important aspect of Dr. Brenner’s Beverly Hills tummy tuck surgery. All abdominal surgeries require some type of incision; all incisions can turn into scars. It is important to realize that scars can take about one full year to completely heal, flatten and fade. Scars will appear to be at their thickest and reddest at about two or three weeks after the surgery. This is completely normal. From that point on, scars will continue to remodel, and refine for one full year. As the scar tissue heals, the appearance of the scar will improve.

Tummy Tuck Los Angeles

If one follows Dr. Brenner’s tailored post op treatment plan, scarring will not be an issue. There are a few options to helping streamline the healing process of the post op treatment. Topical silicone gel (Biocorneum) is available in Dr. Brenner’s office and can be applied starting two weeks after your tummy tuck surgery. Silicone gel sheeting may also be ordered, especially for patients with longer incisions.

Laser treatments are available as well to help reduce the thickening and color change that can occur with scarring.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Brenner today to learn more about the tummy tuck procedure and all of its additional benefits, including stretch mark and scar reduction in Beverly Hills.

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