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As a girl becoming a teenager, you usually have many concerns over what is or will be happening to your body. However, having too large of breasts is not something most teenage girls are worrying about. But actually this condition can happen and be quite the liability for the teen. This condition described as having too large of breasts is usually known as “macromastia.”

This condition can be a benefit for some, but a burden of physical and emotional discomfort for others. Some teens have such discomfort from overly large breasts that they seek medical attention to remedy the condition. One procedure that has shown to have great benefit is a breast reduction surgery.

Dr. Kevin Brenner on ET regarding breast reductions

Dr. Kevin Brenner on Entertainment Tonight

One might ask the question, “Should an adolescent girl go under the knife to get a surgery to handle this condition or could there be a benefit from waiting until they are older?” This is a valid question and there are actually many reasons adolescent girls seek to have a breast reduction surgery. They can complain of neck and shoulder pain, low self-esteem, undesired attention and difficulty finding clothes that fit them. Of course there are also teens with large breasts that are completely happy. It is a matter of evaluating the physical condition and emotional impact on the girl.

You can not just make a diagnosis of macromastia based off looking at a girl. A short girl wearing a Double D bra may be completely uncomfortable and a taller girl may feel totally fine with that size.  

Another complication is that most female teens feel awkward visiting a doctor to talk over this problem. There is another factor in this situation and that is that two-thirds of teens with macromastia are overweight and even if they lose the weight it normally doesn't resolve the problem of their breasts being too large.

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