Would You Allow Your Teen to Get Plastic Surgery?

In today’s day-to-day world, many patients easily undergo surgeries to alter their image and aesthetics. Whether they are trying to improve functionality or just getting a better look, only they can make the decision to under go a surgical procedure with an OK from the treating physician. However, a big question arises from all this,  when is it right for a child to pursue plastic surgery?

Dr. Brenner does not take plastic surgery on kids lightly. He is a huge proponent of plastic surgery done for the right reasons, and thinks it’s absurd that doctors across the country are needlessly injecting minors with Botox for financial gain. He believes cosmetic Botox and fillers should not be done on minors, period.

He does believe there are a lot of variable reasons why a child should get plastic surgery.  Many teens from around the world suffer from functional anatomical abnormalities. An example of an anatomical fault is oversized breasts. Having them can prevent kids from exercising and can cause chronic back pain, rashes, and headaches. A child who has a deviated septum (the thin wall between the nostrils is displaced to one side) can have sleeping and breathing difficulties.

Another common reason for a child to obtain surgery from a plastic surgeon is bullying. Bullying (including cyber bullying) is a real issue that is affecting many kids today. Getting constantly harassed by other kids who are making fun of their anatomical features can psychologically traumatize a child. Dr. Brenner is proud to assist children or teens that have these anatomical faults that are impacting their life physically or psychologically. Common deformities include nasal faults, excessively prominent ears, gynocomastia (man boobs) and large breast.

Dr. Brenner only performs plastic surgery for teenagers after performing a complete health screening and discussion with the patient, their parents and their pediatrician. Full agreement from all four parties, including himself, is required.

Dr. Brenner is featured in this week’s Hot Mom’s Club speaking on this controversial subject of plastic surgery for minors.

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