What is the Pixel Laser Treatment?

Pixel skin resurfacing is a revolutionary way of treating your skin’s tone, texture and appearance. The laser creates thousands of tiny pore-sized perforations in the skin’s dermis, which allows rapid healing from the unaffected adjacent areas. As the collagen remodels during the healing process, the skin’s inherent laxity gradually tightens, resulting in reduced wrinkles and fines lines. Additionally, by removing the epidermis and upper dermis a new, fresh layer of skin is exposed creating healthier, smoother skin.
Pixel skin resurfacing not only works on reducing fine lines, wrinkles and minor skin imperfections but can also help with the treatment of more problematic conditions such as acne scarring.
Although there are many ways to help eliminate acne, many people are left with heavy scarring as a result of multiple flare-ups from earler in life. Using repeated and higher energy Pixel treatments, even severe acne scarring can be reduced or eliminated. Although predominately used on the face, Pixel can also achieve excellent results elsewhere on the body such as the hands, neck and chest.
Because Pixel therapy aggressively treats facial lines and scarring, many patients are concerned about post-treatment pain and downtime. When properly prepared, the treatment itself does not hurt. However, most patients will experience some discomfort, redness and swelling for the first 24-48 hours following treatment. As with any resurfacing procedure, the more aggressive the treatment , the more likely the patient is to have post-treatment discomfort and downtime. Many patients commonly have this procedure performed during a lunch break and are able to return to work immediately.

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