Tummy Tucks and Hysterectomy together?


Tummy Tuck & Hysterectomy together

Tummy Tuck & Hysterectomy can be perfomed together

Frequently patients will ask if I can perform their tummy tuck operation at the same time that they are undergoing a planned hysterectomy. Abdominoplasty operations are extremely common in my practice as a component of total body rejuvenation during a Mommy Makeover.  However, many women have complaints that center solely on their abdomen. Occasionally, patients with abdominal wall laxity will also have an indication for an abdominal hysterectomy. Since the recovery time for abdominoplasty and total abdominal hysterectomy are similar, many patients ask me if I can coordinate with their gynecologist to perform these operations in the same setting. The short answer to this question is yes. With proper advanced notice and seemless coordination, these two operations can be arranged and performed together.



What are the prerequisites for combining a tummy tuck  with a hysterectomy?

1) A patient must receive the absolute approval and cooperation of the gynecologist performing her hysterectomy. Most physicians will not dispute that the two can be done at the same time, however, there are some additional risks when the two are combined.  Therefore, the appropriate safety precautions must be followed.

2) Before the surgery occurs, the patient undergoing both procedures at once will want to consult with her insurance carrier. Dr. Brenner’s insurance coordination team is fully accustomed to handle and coordinate the complex insurance pre-authorization process. Tummy tucks are rarely, if ever, covered by insurance. However, some procedures (i.e panniculectomy, hernia repair) may be covered.  If the abdominal contouring procedure is being performed for a medically-appropriate indication, Dr. Brenner will discuss this with the insurance carrier. Otherwise, the abdominoplasty will be treated as a distinct cosmetic procedure.

3) Every patient should also be aware that although she will only have to go through recovery only once, it may be slightly more painful and tiring to recuperate from two procedures at the same time.


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