Silicone breast implants safe for women, but not snakes!

Boa constrictor bites silicone breast implant of Israeli model

Boa constrictor bites silicone breast implant of Israeli model (photo courtesy of YouTube)

It is well established that silicone breast implants are safe for implantation in humans. However, they apparently are not safe for ingestion by reptiles.

Recently, Israeli model and actress Orit Fox (known for having the biggest breasts in the Middle East), had her left breast bitten by a boa constrictor while recording a radio program in Israel.

During the photo shoot, Fox is first seen holding the snake up to her face while trying to kiss it. When she lowered the snake, it struck and caught hold of her left breast. The sudden attack of the snake astonished Fox as well as  the snake handlers who were supervising the photo shoot.

According to media reports, the model was transported to a nearby hospital emergency room in Hadera, north of Jerusalem. Fox was treated by a team specialized in snake attacks and is reportedly doing well. The reptile, however,  allegedly died of silicone poisoning, from the model’s prosthesis, shortly thereafter.

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