Rhinoplasty for Bullying? Watch The Doctors

Dr. Brenner performs a rhinoplasty on a teen bullying victim on The Doctors.

Rhinoplasty for Teen Bullying

Don’t miss Dr. Kevin Brenner on Monday’s The Doctors television show when he appear with his rhinoplasty patient Shelby. Shelby sought out Dr. Brenner for rhinoplasty (nasal surgery) after years of relentless bullying by her peers. Shelby’s story transformed from heart breaking to truly touching with one operation.





Shelby’s Rhinoplasty Operation

Shelby underwent a septoplasty and complex primary rhinoplasty with Dr. Brenner in order to give her a prettier nose as well as a better nasal airway. Septoplasty was performed in order to correct a deviated nasal septum. Spreader grafts are small cartilage grafts that were used to help keep her internal airway open. A deep temporal fascia graft was also placed along the nasal bridge in order to give Shelby a softer appearance to her bridge. The trickiest part of this case were the osteotomies (controlled nasal bone fractures) that were performed at two locations on each side. Nasal airway obstruction (breathing problems) are under-diagnosed in patients seeking cosmetic fixes, and Shelby is a perfect example of this. This is particularly true in cases of revision rhinoplasty (secondary nasal surgery). Shelby had a remarkable rhinoplasty recovery and was able to go on camera for her reveal after only four weeks.


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