Rhinoplasty for Bullying on The Doctors



Is rhinoplasty surgery really performed to combat bullying? Meet Shelby, an adorable 17 year old high school student who endured years of bullying and torment from her peers. Why? Apparently, because they thought she had an ugly nose. Well, finally Shelby took matters into her own hands and went to Dr. Kevin Brenner for corrective nasal surgery.

Watch Shelby’s transformation on this fantastic segment that aired recently on The Doctors Television show. Shelby underwent a complex operation, which included tip rhinoplasty, septoplasty (correction of a deviated septum), spreader graft placement (for correction of airway obstruction due to internal nasal valve collapse), double level osteotomies (controlled nasal bone fractures) and deep temporal fascia graft for lining under the think skin of her nasal bridge. Shelby had an uneventful rhinoplasty recovery, and went on television to discuss her experience after only four weeks.

The Doctors

Nose jobs for teen bullying on The Doctors

Shelby was always been a beautiful girl. However, now she was a cute little nose to match her beaming personality. More importantly, she has now gained the self confidence that she was truly lacking before. As an added bonus, Shelby is now able to breath much easier; literally.

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