Mommy Makeover

A Mommy Makeover is a common hybrid operation that blends breast rejuvenation with abdominal wall contouring. Performed in our Beverly Hills outpatient surgery center, Dr. Brenner’s Mommy Makeover helps moms to regain the cute figures that they had prior to having children. Frequently, a Mommy Makeover is performed in a single stage. The typical procedure combination includes a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), and breast enhancement with implants (breast augmentation). However, a Mommy Makeover can also be staged into two operations and can include other surgical procedures such as breast lifting (mastopexy), breast reduction (reduction mammaplasty) and liposuction of the abdomen, hips, thighs and back. Since many women tend to develop umbilical hernias during their gestational period, repair of umbilical hernias is commonly included as one of the operations. Each Mommy Makeover is clearly unique. Dr. Brenner will tailor the operation to each individual’s specific needs.

What happens to your body during pregnancy?

Breast Changes:

Many mothers are concerned that breastfeeding their baby will destroy the youthful look and shape of their breasts. The truth is breastfeeding alone is not the only culprit. Changes in the breasts actually occur during pregnancy whether or not a mother chooses to breast feed her baby. As the body prepares for lactation (milk production) the milk glands in the breast swell, replacing the other fatty tissue. After childbirth, these glands frequently shrink. What is left is a loose “skin envelope” that lacks enough breast tissue to fill it. A woman’s breasts are frequently less full, tend to sag lower than they did prior to becoming pregnant, and commonly develop stretch marks.

Abdominal Changes:

Nowhere else are the bodily changes of pregnancy more evident than on a woman’s abdomen. The hormonal changes that women experience during pregnancy are normal and serve mainly to allow the abdominal wall muscles to relax. This frequently creates a separation of the abdominal muscles (rectus diastasis) to accommodate the size of the baby as it grows within a woman’s uterus. Although some women’s abdominal tissues will return to their pre-pregnancy state, most do not and end up having loose, sagging skin, disfiguring stretch marks (striae), bulging lower abdominal muscles or possibly a combination of all of these. Many women undergo C-section delivery or have had previous abdominal surgery, both of which can leave thick, unattractive and painful scars. These problems will not disappear with weight loss or with physical training.


Although most women are able to lose the weight that they have gained during pregnancy, many notice that they have a few stubborn areas of fat that simply “won’t go away;” even with aggressive exercise regimens. Again, many of the hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy create permanent defects such as these localized fatty deposits on the hips, back and thighs.

What procedures are possible in a Mommy Makeover? Click Here

1) Breast Augmentation:

2) Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

3) Breast Reduction

4) Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

5) Short Scar Tummy Tuck (Modified Mini-abdominoplasty)

There is a distinct subset of women who have severe laxity of the abdominal muscles (diastasis rectus), yet have little or no excess skin. For these women a traditional tummy tuck would not be appropriate as there is an inadequate amount of excess lower abdominal skin. Further, a mini-Tummy Tuck would also not be appropriate since the abdominal muscle laxity extends the entire vertical dimension of the abdomen. In these cases, a short scar tummy tuck can be performed using an incision that is only slightly longer than a typical C-section incision. Utilizing an endoscope and special instruments, Dr. Brenner can tighten the full height of the abdominal wall musculature as occurs in a full tummy tuck.

6) Mini-Tummy Tuck (Mini-abdominoplasty)

If you have only a small amount of excess skin, you may be a candidate for a Mini-Tummy Tuck; a less extensive procedure that still yields an impressive improvement. It is best for patients with subtle skin and fat excesses of the lower abdomen or unattractive lower abdominal scars from previous surgery. It is possible to tighten the muscles, but only below the belly button and in smaller amounts than with a full abdominoplasty.

8) Liposuction

Considering Surgery?

If you are seriously considering a Mommy Makeover in Beverly Hills, your next step is to contact Dr. Brenner for a comprehensive evaluation. During the consultation you will meet personally with Dr. Brenner and learn if you are a good candidate for surgery. Dr. Brenner will thoroughly review your concerns and design an operative plan that meets your needs.

Dr. Brenner will go over the details of the procedure, how best to prepare for your operation and also explain what you realistically can expect during the recovery period.

Call our Beverly Hills office at 310-777-5400 to make your appointment, or simply email Dr. Brenner directly at

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