One Stage Breast Lift & Implant used in Los Angeles Mommy Makeover

Los Angeles Mommy Makeover

Los Angeles Mommy Makeover

When evaluating patients for a Mommy Makeover (or for post-bariatric body contouring surgery), I spend a great deal of time planning the correct and most effective breast operation.  The correct operation is directly related to the extent of the breast deformity or abnormality that exists prior to surgery. This can include breast augmentation with implants,  breast lift (mastopexy),  breast reduction, or breast lift with breast augmentation (mastopexy-augmentation). Each of these operations has inherent benefits and risks and potential complications. However, amongst leading plastic surgeons the topic of one stage breast lift and breast augmentation with implant is the most controversial. Some plastic surgeons feel that these two procedures should not be performed together in one operation. However, in my experience these two operations can be performed together safely and effectively. I feel so strongly about this operation that I routinely use this technique for my Los Angeles Mommy Makeover patients.

Since the plastic surgery literature offers conflicting views on this issue, my plastic surgery colleagues (at The Rox Center) and I decided to publish our very positive experience using this technique with our patient base.  In our article (Calvert, JW, Dickinson, BP, Patel, A, & Brenner, K.,  Lateral Breast Flap With Superomedial Pedicle Breast Lift,  Aesth Surg Journal, 31: 658. August, 2011), we detail the use of this technique in our series of  Los Angeles Mommy Makeover patients and Los Angeles Massive Weight Loss patients. In short, this new technique is very useful since it allows auto-augmentation of the breast while providing total breast implant coverage and additional breast implant support. We believe that this technique will prevent a significant number of revisional breast surgery cases for problems such as “bottoming-out,” and late breast implant malposition that can occur with some one-stage mastopexy-augmentation operations.




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