How do I know if I am a candidate for Nipple Reduction Surgery?

 Nipple Reduction SurgeryPatients come to see me all the time with the concern that their breasts are too large, seeking breast reduction.  As a result, I perform a great deal of breast reductions for macromastia. However, what do you do if your breasts are a good size, but your nipples are very large and out-of-proportion to your breast mound?  The correct answer, of course, is a nipple reduction. That may sound strange to many people, but there are a small group of patients that have a perfectly perky breast that is in proportion to their chest wall, but have a nipple that is too long, too large or hangs too low. This can occur in conjunction with a large areola (as is commonly seen with Tuberous Breast Deformity), but nipple hypertrophy (i.e. Macrothelia) can and does occur by itself. For women who suffer from this condition, many have difficulty wearing form-fitting bras. Others suffer from social embarrassment as their large nipples can be very noticeable when wearing tight-fitting clothing. Fortunately, there is a very safe and effective treatment for this condition. Nipple reduction surgery is commonly performed(alone, or in combination with breast augmentation), has a very low rate of complications, and has a very high rate of patient satisfaction.

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