Nasolabial flap reconstruction for skin cancer repair: ready for stage two.

Nasolabial flap for nasal reconstruction, stage two.

Nasolabial flap for nasal reconstruction, stage two.

Nasolabial flap reconstruction of the nasal ala (nostril) is a staged procedure that requires skill, dilligence and judgment during execution for skin cancer repair. This patient is pictured here three weeks following his first stage operation for correction of this left nasal ala defect that was left following Moh’s extirpation of a basal cell carcinoma. During the first operation, an ear cartilage graft was harvested and carved to the exact contour of the nasal ala. A left nasolabial flap was then elevated, and rotated to cover the cartilage graft and serve as the new outer lining of the nasal skin sleeve in that area. In this photo, markings are in place for stage two which includes division and inset of the nasal ala flap. Partial thinning of the flap is commonly performed during this operation. However, occasionally a third operation is required 3-6 months later for definitive flap thinning.


*photos on this post are of an actual patient of Dr. Brenner.

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