Lip Service: Do you need Lip Contouring?

Lip Service: Do you need Lip Contouring?

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Do you need Lip Contouring?

Let’s face it; some people just need lip contouring. If you were born with voluptuous, luscious lips, then you probably do not need to be reading this post. However, many patients that Dr. Brenner sees complain that their lips lack volume. Other patients are concerned with aging of their lips. Still others may have had too much filler placed, or perhaps poorly placed filler in the past. If any of this sounds familiar, then one of the following procedures may be right for you:

1) Lip Augmentation: This procedure is performed for patients whose lips are either too thin or lack adequate volume. Placement of a hyaluronic acid filler (i.e Restylane or Juvederm) is an easy office procedure that will help to restore lip volume.

2) Lip Lift: For women who see Dr. Brenner for facial rejuvenation (i.e. facelift and necklift), one common problem is aging of the upper lip. Sometimes this can be treated with placement of fillers and/or laser resurfacing (i.e. Pixel, CO2). However, in some patients the lip actually elongates during the process of facial aging. These patients may require a lip lift.

3) Lip Reduction: Lip reduction procedures are usually performed for patients that either naturally have too much lip tissue, or have had free silicone previously injected into their lips. Free silicone injections can be potentially dangerous. For patients who have had free silicone injected into their lips, the silicone can migrate to the edge of the lip tissue. Further, the silicone can form small lumps (known as granulomas) and require excision.

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