Is Dermabond useful for repairing children’s facial lacerations?

DERMABOND for children's lacerations

DERMABOND can be useful for select children's lacerations

DERMABOND® is a liquid bonding agent that can be used to close minor cuts and facial lacerations. DERMABOND® is not practical for most larger cuts and lacerations, as it does not provide the same tensile strength to a wound repair that sutures can. However, DERMABOND® is very useful for closing smaller lacerations, particularly on smaller children who cannot tolerate the traditional means of suturing a wound closed using anesthetics. Further, DERMABOND® is water proof and is therefore practical for patients who are unable to keep their incisions dry. I commonly use DERMABOND® in addition to sutures, simply to provide a means of water-proofing following labial repair in a labiaplasty.


*photos on this post are not actual patients of Dr. Brenner.

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