How do I keep my kids cool during summer & protect them from UVA/UVB exposure?

We have seen some record high temperatures across the country this summer.  Especially in Southern California, where we are accustomed to beautiful weather year-round.  Conventional wisdom tells us that as temperatures rise, we should strip down to stay cool. However,  in reality dressing less is not necessarily the best way to deal with the summer heat, particularly when we are constantly trying to reduce our skin’s exposure to penetrating UVA and UVB rays.

When the air temperature is higher than 98°F, human skin will actually absorb heat instead of dissipating it. Therefore, the more contact the skin has with 98°F-plus air, the hotter a person will feel. Although suncreen (SPF 30 or higher) is a must, you’ll actually feel cooler by shielding also your skin.  One great way to beat the heat and protect your skin is by wearing lightweight, light-colored clothing that reflects away some of the sun’s energy to help keep cool. So don’t stay inside; enjoy your summer!!!

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