Healing after plastic surgery…what you need to know.

Everyone has the capacity to heal themselves to one degree or another. Clearly this ability is variable and depends upon a number of factors such as your genetic background, your overall state of health and lifestyle (exercise, diet, smoking, drinking, etc.). Many people believe that their surgeons “heals” the patient. No one person can make another heal. Dr. Brenner can facilitate (but not accelerate) the healing process. Your cooperation and close attention is extremely important and in your best interest.

A major factor in the course of your healing is whether you follow the instructions given by Dr. Brenner verbally and in writing. Such guidelines are designed to promote the healing process and to prevent the occurrence of anything which may interfere with recovery. It is imperative that you recognize that you are a partner in this process and have a responsibility to follow instructions carefully. The instructions, based on broad experience, are designed to give you the best opportunity for healing without delay or surprise.

Unexpected occurrences in plastic surgery are infrequent, but they do occur. When complications arise, they often are the result of a patient’s variable healing capacity or even a patient’s failure to follow instructions. Rest assured, that Dr. Brenner will assist you in any way possible should such events occur.

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