France Issues Advisory for PIP Breast Implants


Breast Implant Rupture

Breast Implant Rupture

In a follow-up to new guidelines issued by the British government earlier this year, the French government recently advised about 30,000 women to remove PIP implants that may possibly be defective. PIP implants, manufactured by French company Poly Implants Protheses, are thought to contain a type of non-medical industrial silicone. Although the dangers of non-medical grade silicone are well known, the risk to patients in these cases is very low. For women who received these implants during reconstructive breast procedures for breast cancer, the government will pay for the cost to remove and replace the PIP style implants. However, for women who received PIP breast implants for cosmetic purposes (aesthetic breast augmentation), the cost of removing and replacing the implants will be incurred by the patients. A panel of French researchers, in combination with the National Cancer Institute, noted that there currently is no increased risk of cancer for women with PIP implants in place.  However, they note that PIP implants have an outer shell that has an increased risk of rupture and therefore are encouraging all women to have them removed. If you currently have PIP implants and are considering having them removed, contact the office of Dr. Brenner soon for a consultation.



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