Dr. Brenner to lecture at The Aesthetic Show in Las Vegas

the aesthetic show logo 2013Dr. Brenner has been invited as a guest lecturer at The Aesthetic Show this weekend in Las Vegas. Since Dr. Brenner has garnered national media attention for his expertise in revision breast surgery, he will be addressing the meeting about both new technologies in breast surgery, as well as the use of media for building your reputation as a plastic surgeon. Dr. Brenner will also serve as the moderator for the Friday afternoon general session, Advanced Body Shaping Technologies.

Aesthetic TV

Aesthetic TV

Hosted by Dr. Andrew Ordon (Co-host of CBS’ The Doctors), The Aesthetic Show will run from May 16th through May 19th, 2013. The program that has been assembled combines leaders in the fields of plastic surgery and dermatology for an intensive, three day seminar. Important topics to be covered include surgical and non-surgical breast and body shaping technologies, anti-aging skincare products as well as use of laser technology for the skin.

Other seminar and lecture topics include: treating melasma, omega three in skin health, treating acne and rosecea, use of radio-frequency technologies, thermal imaging, hair removal systems, use of cellular therapy, use of platelet rish plasma in facial aesthetics, oral supplementation for women with thinning hair, treating injectable complications, optimal use of dermal fillers, as well as updates on female genital surgery. To learn more, visit aestheticshow.com.

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