Dr. Brenner featured Plastic Surgery Expert for healthcare website.

Dr. Brenner featured Plastic Surgery Expert for Turkish healthcare website.

Dr. Brenner Anne Form Plastic Surgery Expert

Dr. Brenner featured as Plastic Surgery Expert

Dr. Kevin Brenner was recently featured as the Plastic Surgery Expert for the Turkish healthcare website, Anne Form. Dr. Brenner was interviewed, offering insights into key plastic surgery topics such as:

1) Popular Plastic Surgery Trends
2) Mommy Makeover
3) Mommy Makeover Cost
4) Breast Augmentation Incision
5) Botox Safety
6) Cellulite treatments
7) Stretch Mark treatments

Increasingly, Dr. Kevin Brenner and ROX Center have been gaining national and international attention for the excellence that they provide for surgical health care. This is just part of an ongoing trend of patients traveling from other countries to our Beverly Hills office for their surgical procedures. Our practice routinely cares for international patients from many countries including, Russia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, England, Brasil, Turkey, Spain, Canada, and Mexico. To help facilitate this process, we offer SKYPE consultations with Dr. Brenner, as well as travel assistance during your stay in Los Angeles. Please contact our patient coordinator Amy to learn more about:

1) Making international hotel reservations

2) Surgical aftercare options

3) Private duty nursing

4) Facilitating pre-operative care with your personal physicians

5) Our available local healthcare specialists

6) ROX center’s multi-specialty surgical options


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