Do I need to have my belly button hernia fixed?

Reducible Umbilical Hernia, Repairing Hernias

Reducible Umbilical Hernia

Many women develop belly button hernias (umbilical hernias) during the course of their pregnancy. Although some umbilical hernias rarely cause problems, they all deserve evaluation. Umbilical hernias that are left unrepaired can enlarge over time and lead to more serious conditions such as small bowel obstruction. Early elective repair of umbilical hernias is ultimately much safer for patients, either as stand alone procedure, or more commonly, in conjunction with abdominoplasty. Plastic surgeons are most aptly equipped to deal with both the functional and aesthetic issues that surround repair of umbilical hernias. Repair of umbilical hernias can also lend a more natural and more aesthetic contour to your belly button.

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