Are dark circles under your eyes making you look tired?

dark_circles_under_your_eyes Kevin Brenner

Dark circles under your eyes can make you look more tired than you are

Do you have dark circles under your eyes?

Has your friend told you that you look tired because you have bags under your eyes?

Let’s face it. We all have busy lives and should probably be sleeping more hours than we do. Lack of sleep commonly accentuates the dark circles under your eyes that make you look more tired than you even feel. While some people with true bags under the eyes may require a surgical fix (lower blepharoplasty), many people with dark pigmentation can be treated with injections of Restylane (a soft tissue Hyalurnonic Acid filler) into the lower eyelids.

Placement of Restylane into the lower eyelids helps to restore lost volume to the lids. Restylane injections can also change the way ambient light hits your lower eyelids, and subsequently make the dark circles less apparent at conversational distance. This is a technique that is used more commonly these days…both for patients who are too young to have facial surgery and in conjunction with facelift surgery for some. Restylane placed properly into the lower eyelids typically lasts for about eight to twelve months.

If you think that you suffer from dark circles…and are tired of being told that you look tired…then do something about it. Restylane injection to the lower eyelids is a fairly simple procedure, and is perfomed quickly in our office.

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